123 Enterprise Content Manager

A secure, unified, and customizable enterprise-grade information portal providing a single access point to your files of any type, any size, for anyone. 

  • Customizable interface fits your business and management structure.
  • Securly and confidently access files anywhere.
  • Smart tagging and search to find what you’re looking for in a few simple clicks.
  • Tiered access control provides flexible permissions for segmented user groups.
  • Interactive applets for calendaring, discussion forums, rating systems, and more.

123 Data Finder icon   123 Data Finder

Search, sort, and access your data in an organized, customized way.

  • Fully integrated, completely secure look-up platform for your database.
  • Easily sift through your data to retrieve information of any kind.
  • Customize tagging and filters to fit your business needs.
  • Import and export spreadsheets, reports, and data in any format.

123 Site Stats

Intelligent, real-time data analytics platform extracts and visualizes KPIs to empower your business critical decisions.

  • On demand dashboard brings stats to your fingertips in an instant.
  • Customizable and integrated platform works seamlessly with any solution.
  • Easy to understand visualizations let you make informed actions and achieve your business goals.
  • One-click downloadable reports so you can quickly present and share data.

123 Comms Creator

Build customizable email and newsletter communications to reach any audience and make your message stick.

  • Completely customizable to fit any business, big or small.
  • Easy to use interface lets you create professional email and newsletter communications without any coding or design knowledge.
  • Flexible format tailored to fit any email platform.
  • Smart automation allows you to send and track your communications with ease.

123 Page Builder

Cut out the coding and easily design your own unique web page without any of the technical hassle.

  • Create web pages for any business, big or small.
  • Build upon 123’s battle-tested platform while creating your very own design.
  • Customize complex web elements and features with just a few clicks.
  • Choose from wide range of integrated widgets to support your business needs.

123 Application Architects

We’ve never met a web application challenge we couldn’t accomplish. Let us know what your unique business and web needs are and we will provide custom consultation, programming and installation for you.

  • If you can imagine it, we will build it for you.

Ready to take your business to the next level?